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Hi everyone, Thanks for entering the competition, The Rules are: Subscribe to my channel write in the commets below why you want to win and at the end write ‘ENTER ME’. The more comments , the better your chances of being picked. No spams please No sore losers. More giveaways to come. :) The Winner will be chosen at random and announced on Feb 18th FCT: I am not affiliated to any company mentioned in this video. All products were purchased by me and all opinions are my honest opinions. Good luck everyone. xxx


  1. ukeelady says:

    Given that INGLOTs has now raised their prices, I am no longer able to afford their palettes so it would be just lovely to win one. Enter me :)

  2. pointless1992 says:

    i want to try different eye shadows rather than using mac and mac can become to expensive so ENTER ME x and thanks for the giverway x

  3. jenna283 says:

    I really love trying new make up brands that i have seen before so would love to try this palette out so please enter me xxx

  4. Eyeliketosmush1 says:

    i really want to win this pallette becuaese i wwaanna tryo out a new makeup brand and i havnt heard of this one before and also because i really need a nice eyeshadow pallette but i just cant afford to buy alot of new makeup right now since im in university noww . Enter me :D

  5. idkwhy420 says:

    I really want this palette because I want to try this Inglot coz I heard a lot of good things about it but its kinda pricey for me esp I dont have a job right now but that wont stop me from taking care of myself. I dont wanna be unemployed and LOOK unemployed. Hehe ENTER ME PLEASE!! :)

  6. deezilla09 says:

    How much does one of those palletes cost?

  7. twilighthavenz says:

    I’ve heard of the Inglot palettes and been wanting to try it. Thanks for offering the contest. Enter me!

  8. shakeeandbakee says:

    ENTER ME! I would loveee to win an Inglot palette because they are very good quality and I dont have any palettes, thank you : )

  9. Francine Ray says:

    One palette retails for about £40. But you can choose what colours you want to have in the palette. It’s called their freedom system.

  10. zzzcreepyzzz says:

    I have heard so much about this palette and I really want to try it. Please ENTER ME <3

  11. bellaanditsy says:

    Because I would love to try ingot. Enter me

  12. acawili says:

    i have ALWAYS wanted an inglot palette! they look so amazing! PLEEEASE ENTER ME ENTER ME!

  13. acawili says:


  14. acawili says:

    everythhing looks amazing! and so pigmented! please enter me! it’s hard to find REALLY pigmented yellows and reds. and inglot has THEM! they are aweseome! please enter me!

  15. mrsmoammer says:

    enter me pleasee! i would love to try the product!

  16. D Rogers says:

    I would like to win because I am new to makeup so I’ve only been purchasing drug store brand.  That is okay, but I really would like to get some quality make-up brand so I can see what I’m missing :) ENTER ME

  17. D Rogers says:

    I’m back :)  Yep….I need this palette in my life honey. I would like to bring out the diva that is within. ENTER ME.

  18. gmadiva says:

    Love this palette. Please enter me

  19. gmadiva says:

    This palette would produce great looks. Enter me

  20. gmadiva says:

    I think I’d have a blast with this palette. Please enter me.

  21. gmadiva says:

    Wow……I’d be a much happier person if I won this palette = it’s gorgeous. Enter me

  22. gmadiva says:

    Great palette….would be fun to play with. Please enter me

  23. D Rogers says:

    I would to have a real palette that is not something I got off Ebay. ENTER ME

  24. D Rogers says:

    I would like this palette as Inglot is so darn hard to try to get in the US. I don’t have one near me and would really like to know the Inglot experience. :) ENTER ME

  25. D Rogers says:

    I would like to win this palette so I can create cool make-up looks :) ENTER ME

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