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Francine Ray: Makeup Aberdeen

makeup artist aberdeen

Nicole Gale, Makeup Artist and Channel 4 Beauty Contributor

Francine (Makeup Artist Aberdeen) is a passionate and talented Make-Up Artist with an amazing ability to make her clients feel comfortable and beautiful, before and after their makeover.  I have had the pleasure of working with her on photo-shoots and events, she is professional, dedicated and her creativity has inspired clients.  Francine is knowledgable about many products on the market and is keen to share her findings with others, through her online video blog.  I would definitely, work with Francine again and would recommend her as a Make-Up Artist.

Leigh-Ann Abrahams

I would absolutely recommend Fran (Makeup Artist Aberdeen), as a truly professional, creative make up artist. She always delivers style, her attention to detail is at such a high level! And most importantly she is a lovely and funny person! Thanks for doing such a great job on my make up!

Uchenna Izundu (International Editor at Pennwell)

When i met Fran (Makeup Artist Aberdeen) I had lost my confidence in my personal appearance.  My makeup regime was very simple: a couple of lipsticks and wearing eyeshadow to coordinate with my outfits.  I was too reserved and lacked the knowledge on how to blend palettes and experiment with colour.  Most importantly how to have FUN with makeup and use it to enhance my best features.  She embodied that spirit and her vivacious personality and patience in showing me techniques catapulted me into a different sphere.  I didn’t recognize myself and found a bounce in my step that made me feel all that.  My friends and family were ecstatic with this new aura around me. Fran combines budget and high end products to create a personalized and on trend look that leaves you feeling like you can give a celeb a damn good run for her money!

Angela Kimani

I never was one to wear make up, not because I didn’t like it, just because it never seemed to look right on me. So when I promised to do a photo shoot for a friend, I was slightly panicked. Francine (Makeup Artist Aberdeen) was my make up artist & put me at ease immediately. She quickly assessed I’d need a colour blend foundation and my make up was flawless. She gave me a few tips so that now I’m more confident doing my own make up at home. People regularly compliment me on my make up and that’s all down to Francine

Director, Salone Truefans Ltd, London

Francine (Makeup Artist Aberdeen) is amazing at her work. She delivers her work with perfection. I needed a make-up artist for a photoshoot I was doing for some musicians. Francine was able to get all the artists’ makeup done under a short period of time, giving each person a unique and natural look. Francine takes her work very seriously and is very creative. She will tell you what works and what doesn’t. I will recommend Francine as a makeup artist to anyone for whatever event or type of look you want to go for.  She gets the job done exceptionally well.

Kadia Bangura, London

I have had my make done by Francine (Makeup Artist Aberdeen) several times. Being a person that has no clue about makeup, what products to use, or how to apply it and be creative.   Francine has not only done my makeup but she has also given me classes on how to apply everything from eye shadow, lipstick and foundation, how to contour and highlight, the lot. I have learned how to maintain the look that Francine gives me. But for my special occasions like weddings, parties and events I know she can help me achieve that look that suits me and gets everybody saying ‘Your makeup looks beautiful’

Please call 07545 851586 to make a booking enquiry.
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