Skin Care Routine – Oily, Acne Prone Skin.


Hello My Lovelies, This is an in-depth Video on Acne Prone Skin. I discuss the habits that make it harder to combat Acne and what you can do to minimise the long-term effects of Acne. I genuinely hope this helps someone, cos I know I have had problems with my skin in dealing with Acne.

I can totally relate to what it feels like to be very conscious of your skin. But I hope this video helps you to regain some confidence and sees you on your way to breaking those bad habits this New year!

Disclaimer: I am not a skin care specialist or dermatologist. All opinions are solely mine and are based on my life experiences in dealing with Oily, Acne prone skin. I do not take any responsibility for you scrubbing your face like a ‘TOMATO’!!!! ;)

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